Spell Casting is the power to cast spells and/or perform rituals. It is one of the basic powers possessed by all witches. Although a basic power for beings like witches, it is rare for other beings such as demons to possess this power, as it is usually only possessed by powerful upper-level demons.

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Spells can contain a spoken component, or incantation. Incantations can be in a foreign or undecipherable language such as Latin[1], Spanish[2], Romanian[3], and Russian[4], or in plain English[5]. Incantations in English are often cast in the form of rhyming couplets, but this is not always the case. According to Charity Callahan, a witch normally needs a voice to speak a spell.[2] However, an experienced witch can cast spells with merely a hand gesture or even a thought.[6]

Hexing and Cursing

Hexes and curses are dark spells that are used to cause negative effects to occur upon the target. A hex is generally an incantation which can affect the target for the caster's benefit or just for the target's detrement, generally to bring them bad luck or trouble. Despite being a form of dark magic, all hexes are not necessarily evil as Jada used a hex to punish sexual predators[7] and a businessman who engaged in money laundering and tax evasion by forcing him give his wealth to charity.[8] A curse is an encompassment of ill intentions which can cause harm to another person. In a nutshell, a hex is viewed as a childish version of harm on someone, while a curse is a full on attack on someone with the illest of intentions. However, the Elders forbade witches from using hexes and presumably curses upon mortals.[9]



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