I found a page on spirit boards. It says they're a legitimate way to commune with the other side.
— Mel Vera

A Spirit Board (alternate name Ouija Board) is a magical object that allows witches to communicate with the deceased. According to Harry Greenwood, these objects are vulnerable to tricksters.


Macy, Mel and Maggie used their family spirit board to communicate with who they believed to be their deceased mother. It turned out that an imposter demon was tricking the girls in hopes of stealing their powers.

Book of Shadows Entry

Objective: To communicate with other worldly entities.

Notes: A powerful mystical tool whose objective is to open a channel of communication between our physical world and the multiverse.
Multitudes of entities, both benevolent and evil, roam the spiritual plane seeking connection.
When contacting unearthly beings as they can easily deceive those hoping to conjure a specific presence. Make sure to intensely focus your inner most thoughts towards that presence only.

Protection: Cleanse the space around the board with: Palo Santo, Sage, Sandalwood or frankincense.
Repete the following:
“Si ulla et aliena phantasmata umbrasque, vos discedere oro
Si ullae malae enerqiae seu phasmates prasunt, vos discedere oro,
Vos pereqrrina estis, vos domun remitto.
Quo veniistis recertite, Vos statim discedere oro.
Sola lua salutifera enerqia inhac cella permiss a eta”.

Conjuring: Place a candle in the middle of a black plate. Let the light urinate and draw spirit toward you.
Recite the incantation:
“Vos qui heri vixerunt
e mea mente ad tuam vocabo
e umbris inlucem revertete
et in formis huc adsitis”.

Closing: Once communication is accomplished to close the circle.
“Vos qui heri vixerunt”

Powers and Abilities