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Maggie: Don't tell me a ghost is worse than a demon.
Harry: Well that all depends on the type of ghost I am afraid. There are—
Maggie: Five?
Harry: Hundreds. Ranging in menace from Casper to the Conjuring.
Harry explaining ghosts to Maggie[src]

Spirits are the souls of the deceased. Spirits that are unable to move on to the afterlife are generally referred to as "ghosts". According to Harry Greenwood, there are over a hundred types of ghosts, ranging in menace from benevolent, friendly and well-meaning to malevolent, destructive and evil. One must identify the type of ghost before being able to vanquish it.

Throughout the Series

In "Kappa Spirit", Maggie Vera learned of ghosts after meeting the ghost of Brenda Mancini who was influencing and manipulating the president of Kappa, Lucy. Both Maggie and Mel Vera incorrectly identified the ghost, Maggie believing her to be a banshee while Mel believed she was a revenant. It was revealed that this ghost was instead a conjuring of Lucy brought out through the pain from Maggie's betrayal. Brenda lost her connection to the living world when Maggie healed Lucy's pain by apologizing and owning up to her faults.

After the death of the customs agent who checked Galvin Burdette back into the country in "The Replacement", the sisters worried that a demon may have accompanied the scientist back to the U.S. from his venture in Haiti, hidden in any number of the artifacts he accrued along his journey. Macy Vaughn and Mel then brought Galvin’s hoard of artifacts to psychic Mama Roz in the hopes she could deduce whether any of them were cursed or contained demonic traits.

Galvin, possessed by a demon, paid a visit to Mama Roz and while Roz warned him to stay away from Macy, he attacked her, killing her after confirming Macy didn’t know anything about Yoruba.

Maggie and Mel later seek out Mama Roz and found her dead, with the same puncture wounds as the customs guy. The two don’t have a lot of time to look around before Tessa Flores-Cohen arrived. While Mel tried to shoo her off, Maggie asked for help expanding her powers, hoping if she could reach Mama Roz’s soul, it could help point them to who had killed her. Maggie was able to successfully connect with Roz’s soul, learning that a demon known as an Abiku killed her. Following Roz’s instructions to find the “lost soul at the threshold,” she learned that the soul that had been communicating with her was actually Galvin.

In "The Truth about Kat and Dogs", Katrina Chandra was revealed to have been contacted by Marisol Vera's spirit. Marisol apparently told Katrina to inform her daughters that what they needed was between a set of spare bedsheets. In "Past is Present", Mel noticed that Katrina was absent from her shop, and later found her, planning on moving away due to hearing voices, at the insistence of her mother. Mel managed to convince Katrina to come to Vera Manor with her, and there, showed Kat a video of Marisol. When Katrina noted she knew Marisol's voice, Mel explained that Marisol was her late mother, and that, since Katrina had been in contact with her recently, she must be a medium.

In "Curse Words", the ghost of Florence came to claim Jordan Chase's life in an attempt to enact the curse she put on the Chase family line. The Charmed Ones were able to persuade her to spare Jordan. Though she agreed, she told Maggie that the curse was not broken and that in order to break it, Jordan needed to balance the scales of justice.

In "Breaking the Cycle", the Charmed Ones met the Guardian, one of the previous Charmed Ones, who protected the black amber. She told them about the existence of Charmed Ones throughout history and the destruction of every sisterhood because of the Power of Three.

In "The Enemy of My Frenemy", Jordan ingests a death trance potion that put him temporarily in a sleeping state. His soul ended up in a spiritual realm where he saw Florence. He asked her about what he needed to do in order to break the curse, and if Abigael Jameson-Caine's instructions were real. Florence confirmed it, but also warned him of the danger.

In "An Inconvenient Truth", Florence materialized to Jordan again, this time by stepping through a mirror in broad daylight. Jordan tells her he is trying very hard to balance the scales. Florence then gives him an hourglass, telling him to help a descendant of the Tulipe witches who is now in danger. After giving him the hourglass, she disappears.

In "Spectral Healing", Macy and Maggie cast a spell to summon Marisol's spirit. However, the ritual required a beloved object. They chose a box, which originally belonged to a father and his daughter, causing the ritual to summon them instead. The two spirits possessed Maggie's body. Because of warring interests, both spirits refused to leave. Ultimately, Macy was able to help them resolve their problems and return them to the afterlife. Soonafter, Marisol's spirit came forth and possessed Maggie's body to talk directly to Macy.

In "I Dreamed a Dream…", TBA

Types of Ghosts

Known Spirits/Ghosts


  • In the original series, ghosts and spirits were considered to be the same essences. In the reboot series, restless souls are known as "ghosts," and "spirits" are only those souls who went into the hereafter.
  • In this reboot, one simply needs to identify the spirit's type in order to cast the right spell. In the original series, vanquishing an evil spirit could be accomplished in three methods:
  1. The witch who casts the vanquishing spell needs to die, either temporarily or permanently, as the spell only works if cast in the same plane the ghost exists at.
  2. A potion can be poured over the spirit's remains.
  3. The witch can destroy the object of the spirit's wrath.
  • According to Harry Greenwood, a building settling always means there are ghosts in the dwelling.