The Tartarus Dragon is a gigantic and vicious being who acts as a jailer in Tartarus. He commands scorpions whose stings make his prisoners experience their worst and most painful memories.


In Keep Calm and Harry On, The Tartarus Dragon used his scorpions and taunted Harry Greenwood with his memories from his human life. Harry rebuffed his advances, saying those memories weren't real, since he lacked his own. The dragon later proved the memories were real by making him remember receiving a knife cut in the abdomen.
When Maggie Vera later entered Tartarus, the dragon used his scorpions to make her remember her mother's death and Parker Caine's betrayal. Seeing how badly she reacted to the pain, the dragon began to send more of his scorpions. Harry then taunted the dragon to make him torture him instead of Maggie, which he obliged. His torments came to an end when the demon Dante released Harry and Maggie from Tartarus.

Physical Appearance

This dragon was shown only through the cracks of prison cells. He has brown-green scales on his muzzle and a large bright green eye with a black pupil in the shape of a polygon. He also has a muffled and threatening voice. Harry called him an "overgrowth", which means it's a very large creature.


The dragon has a very sadistic nature. He likes to mock prisoners and watch them suffer from his torture.
Despite this, it seems that he is able to make concessions, as he agreed to leave Maggie alone when Harry wanted to take away her pain.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Zoopathy: The ability to summon, communicate with and command animals (his scorpions).


  • This is the first dragon in this series.
  • It is unknown whether this creature is the last of the dragons alive or if there are still other dragons.
    • This dragon constantly says "we," but it is unclear, whom he has in view, "himself and other dragons" or "himself and his scorpions."
  • At the moment, it is unknown whether dragons exist in the real world, or if they all live in Tartarus now.
  • This dragon could be the show's take on the monster Campê, a primordial dragon-like creature who was the guard/jailor of the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires in Tartarus at Uranus' and Gaia's behalf, until Zeus killed her and released them so they will help him and the other Olympians in their war against the Titans.



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