The Tartarus Imprisonment Spell is a spell that is used to imprison magical beings in Tartarus. It requires a mystical staff in order to be performed.


The spell requires the user to slam the staff on the ground after each line of the incantation, causing the ground to break open and the being to be sucked down into Tartarus. The user(s) must continue the incantation until their target has been successfully banished into Tartarus.


In "Jingle Hell", the spell was first cast by a romanian priest when Hunter and Parker tried to steal a mystical amulet in his сhurch. The priest's chanting was interrupted when Hunter slammed him to the ground. Despite telling Parker otherwise, Hunter killed the priest and stole his staff, finding it to be useful. Later, after the plan to steal the Charmed Ones' powers failed, an angry Hunter traveled to the manor to seek revenge but Parker used the staff to open a portal to Tartarus. The Charmed Ones helped Parker with the spell but the portal pulled in both Hunter and Harry, as well as the staff.


Temelechus, deschide poarta.


Temelechus, open the gate.


  • In the non-canonical Apocalypse of Paul, Temelechus was the leader of the Tartaruchi, a type of angels that serve as keepers of Tartarus, and is also the angel of torment.

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