Tawerets are a type of Egyptian fertility goddesses. According to Harry Greenwood, they are "practically royalty" and he even went as far as to compare one to Meghan Markle.


During a power outage in "Out of Scythe", a Taweret named Sela was attacked within the Hilltowne Fertility Clinic and her shard of the Scythe of Tartarus was taken by a demon. The Charmed Ones arrived too late, but Sela was able to explain to them how the shards were all calling out to each other. Maggie Vera, ignorant of what kind of creature Sela was, asked her if she was a satyr like Leon, another sentinel whom they had met earlier. Sela was offended and explained that she was a Taweret, something that needed further explanation from Harry Greenwood who compared her to Meghan Markle.

Known Tawerets

Powers and Abilities

Passive Powers

  • ImmortalityThe power to possess an infinite lifespan.


  • In Egyptian theology, Taweret was the goddess of childbirth and fertility, often represented as a bipedal female hippopotamus.
  • It's possible that they get their name, and their status as "practically royalty", from being descendants or children of the original goddess. This would make Sela's apparent offense at being mistaken with a satyr logical, as Taweret was a very important goddess in the Egyptian pantheon while the satyrs would be descendants of Pan, a lesser nature god.
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