Telekinesis is the power to move objects or individuals with one's mind. This is one of the most common and most versatile powers possessed by magical beings, be they good, evil or neutral.


The strength of telekinesis varies depending on the strength and skill of users. A lot of practice and concentration will improve the precision and accuracy as well as the distance that objects/beings can be moved. This ability can be channeled either through one's eyes (like Macy Vaughn) or through one's hands (like Harry Greenwood). As one's power develops, they may be able to use the power intuitively, no longer needing to concentrate in order to move something. This was shown by Macy when she threw a tree branch without thinking and by Harry when he stopped a globe from hitting him without paying it any attention. Macy later learned to telekinetically apply force around an object, squashing it as a result. This aspect of power and her knowledge of the human anatomy allows her to lethally stop someone's heart, by pinching a person's left coronary artery and thereby cutting off the blood flow to their heart. 

Abilities Developed from Telekinesis


When Macy learned how to trigger her new power, she gained the ability to deviate several types of attacks; the first being by an icicle formed through cryokinesis used by Taydeus. The only telekinetics who have shown the skill of deviation are Harry and Macy.

It stands to reason that beings with this power may use it to deflect objects thrown toward them.

Telekinetic Force Bolts

Telekinetics can fire force bolts that are able to bluntly hurl whatever they come into contact with. Macy uncontrollably fired a telekinetic force bolt at Harry after he startled her while she was bathing.

List of Users of Telekinesis

Original power


  • In the original series, telekinesis was possessed by Prue. Paige used an alternative form of telekinesis calling "Telekinetic Orbing", which was a hybrid of telekinesis and orbing.