Reach out your hand like this. Close your eyes and listen for them, their energy. Feel their hearts beating, hear their breathing. Hold them, right there, in your hand. Now... just let them go.
— Harry teaching Cassie to channel her power[src]

Telepathic Immobilization is the power to telepathically stop another person's consciousness[1], causing the individual to become motionless in their current space.


This power appears very similarly to the ability to stop time, although there are very distinguishing differences. This ability seems to work by completely stopping all functions of a person's mind and only appears to work on people, as animals and objects are unaffected by this ability and will remain in motion. The individuals seem to have their motor and cognitive functions frozen, leaving them unaware that they had been frozen and continuing on with anything that they might have been doing beforehand once unfrozen.


In "Breaking the Cycle", Harry Greenwood and Abigael Jameson-Caine traveled to Foster Island in search of his Darklighter. When they arrived, they found the entire population of the town motionless as if frozen in time. However, animals and electronic equipment were not frozen, so Harry knew that it was not time-based magic. The two of them eventually came upon an abandoned van owned by hunters and find a device that tracks magic. Using the device, they find a young witch named Cassie who, out of fear, froze the entire town when she was being kidnapped by the hunters. However, she didn't have much control over her power and wasn't able to unfreeze the town until she was taught how to channel her ability by Harry.

Similar Powers

Known Users

Original power
  • Cassie
  • Cassie's mother (presumably)


  • It is currently unknown if this ability works on all or certain magical beings, as Harry and Abigael arrived after Cassie had frozen everyone on Foster Island.


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