Telepathy, also known as Empathy, is the power to hear and sense the thoughts and emotions of others, as well as projecting thoughts into other's minds. Users of this power are known as Telepaths or Empaths.


This ability has been displayed by Maggie Vera, however she needs to make physical contact to be able to do so. Clothing does not act as a barrier to the tactile version of this ability; meaning Maggie does not need skin-to-skin contact to make an empathic connection, only the close proximity of touch.

Some beings, such as the Imposter Demon that impersonated Marisol Vera, are immune to this power. This power would also be ineffective when the feeling of the user is blocked, for example through the usage of protection spell against hurt.

It has been suggested that listening to one's 'inner voice' is the key to being able to control this ability. Without control, the possessor of this ability will continually hear the thoughts of anyone they come into physical contact with.

Users of this power are also able to project their thoughts into the minds of another being, and conduct telepathic conversations.

The hive mind of a colony of Cicada Demons can be read even while time is frozen.

Known Users


  • In the original series and most other franchises, telepathy and empathy were near-completely separated powers. However, in the reboot they seem to be the same power.