Teleportation is the power to move instantaneously from one place to another without having to physically occupy the space in between. In addition to teleporting oneself, users have the ability to teleport others as well.


Teleportation is assumed to be a basic power amongst the many species of magical beings.

Those who have the ability to teleport are also able to teleport with other beings and objects which do not possess a teleportation power via physical contact, though this is said to sometimes deplete their magical energy. Some beings have the power to teleport others without touching them.

While most beings are capable of teleporting between dimensions, some users are unable to teleport between realities.

Some users are able to alter the speed at which they teleport, such as when Alastor vanished in a brief flash of flames when he was nearly vanquished in "Keep Calm And Harry On", but later teleported with Maggie in a much slower way to taunt Mel and Harry in "Red Rain".

Modes (Forms) of Teleportation

There are several ways to teleport and specific beings have their own unique way of teleporting. The main difference between each variety of teleportation is the visual effect that accompanies each power.

Image Name Description Users
Darklighter Harry orbing midair Black Orbing The ability to orb through a puff of black smoke. This is the dark variation of Orbing. Darklighters
Jada electric orbing Electrokinetic Orbing The ability to teleport through a burst of electricity. This is an elemental variation of Orbing. Jada Shields
1x21 Macy's Fading Fading The power to teleport through a fade or flash of light. Abiku Demons
The Source of All Evil
1x21 Alastor teleporting Maggie Flaming The ability to teleport through flames. Alastor
1x18 Tessa orbing Orbing The ability to teleport by collapsing into and emerging from an orb of white light. Whitelighters
1x11-Portal-Teleportation Portal Creation The ability to create portals from one location to another, allowing for instantaneous travel. Charity Callahan
Fiona Callahan
Tessa Flores-Cohen
The Command Center (through the magical location system)
Elders sends the sisters away Remote Teleportation The ability to teleport other people or objects without necessarily being at the same place with them. Devorah Silver
Unnamed Elders
The Source of All Evil
1x21 Parker's Smoke Teleportation Smoking The ability to teleport through a puff of smoke. Viralis
Parker Caine
Hunter Caine
Abigael Jameson-Caine
1x17 Swirling Swirling The ability to teleport through an inward folding energy swirl. The Fury
Fiona Callahan (temporarily; through Vortex Viribus)


Image Name Description Users
Mel follows Tessa Teleportation Potion A potion that gives the user the ability to tie themselves to a being with the power to teleport, allowing the user to teleport after them. Mel Vera

Known Users


  • In the original series, when this power is used, it resulted in a visual effect that often tied the user to a specific magical species or alignment (for instance, Whitelighters used orbing, neutral beings used sparkling while flaming and shimmering were exclusively demonic powers, and fading was used by both good and evil individuals and species). This was not just purely aesthetic, as certain places could only be accessed by specific kinds of teleportation, such as the Whitelighter's orbing power being the only way to enter the Heavens, a trait which can only be bypassed by beings of supreme power, like higher gods.


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