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Temporal Acceleration is the power to accelerate the flow of time around select objects. It is a branch of Temporal Manipulation.


Mel Vera first displayed this expansion when Jada Shields instructed her to imagine a witch hunter’s ring as it would be years from then, causing the ring to rapidly age and deteriorate.

Later on, Mel used her newfound grasp of her power to accelerate the flow of time around an incomplete brew of Escape Oil, causing the two weeks required for the potion to brew to take a few seconds.[1]

It is shown that the longer the flow of time needs to be accelerated, the longer the process takes to be completed: Mel was able to cause the Escape Oil to age two weeks in a few seconds, but it took longer to make a flower grow and bloom.

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.


  • Unlike her time freezing power, Mel's time acceleration power was shown with a purple, glowing effect.


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