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Oh, my God. Oh, my God! You just... You pressed "pause" on... life!
Niko about Mel's ability to freeze time in Source Material

Temporal Stasis, only referred to in-universe as freezing or stopping time, is the power to completely stop the flow of time. This power is a branch of Temporal Manipulation.[1]


The users of this power have the ability to stop the flow of time, causing objects and beings to instantly freeze in place and appear completely motionless. A being who remains unfrozen while time is suspended is able to move and manipulate affected objects, even while the impact of gravity remains impeded.

It seems that this ability does not affect the air or wind in a frozen area, as in Surrender Niko's hair continued to blow in the wind and the wind disturbed her and Harry's clothing while they were frozen outside of Viralis' lair.

Concentration is required in order to keep everything frozen, as even a small lapse can cause time to resume. Anger will also cause users to be unable to access their power at all, until they calm down and are able to think rationally.

Immunity or Resistance

Main article: Immunity and/or Resistance

Witches and Whitelighters are naturally immune to this power. Whenever Mel freezes an area with witches or Whitelighters around, those select individuals will find themselves unaffected while everything else is frozen. Aside from witches and Whitelighters, certain upper-level demons, supernatural beings, and mystical substances are immune or resistant to this power as well. Another method of immunity for this power, and others, is wearing a witch hunter’s ring, which are specifically designed to block magic.

Similar Powers

Telekinetic Immobilization

Telekinetic Immobilization is the ability to project a field of telekinetic energy that is capable of immobilizing other beings by wrapping the energy around them.

Telepathic Immobilization

Telepathic Immobilization is the ability to cause people to become motionless by telepathically stopping their conscious functions, making them appear as if they were frozen in time.

Molecular Inhibition

Molecular Inhibition is the ability to completely stop the movement of molecules, causing them to lose their energy and solidify, resulting in ice. Unlike time freezing, this ability can be used to induce immobility by causing a being to be frozen in ice.

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.



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