Temporal Stasis, only referred to in-universe as freezing or stopping time, is the power to completely stop the flow of time.


The users of this power have the ability to stop the flow of time, making objects and beings appear frozen. A being who remains unfrozen while time is suspended is able to move and manipulate objects; even while the impact of gravity remains impeded.


Witches and Whitelighters are immune to freezing, as are ghosts.

Harry Greenwood noted that the Harbinger of Hell was 'too strong' to be frozen at all, as is the demon Alastor.


Several demons have demonstrated resistance to this ability. Taydeus and the Imposter Demon were able to 'break out' of a freeze for fractions of a second, while Hunter Caine's resistance grew from also being able to break out to barely freezing at all. Maggie Vera was able to read the mind of a Cicada Demon (and tap into their group mind) while time was frozen.

Hellflame is also magically resistant, and will only freeze for a fraction of a second before it resumes burning. An electricity ball thrown by Jada Shields stopped in mid-air, but continued to flicker while time was frozen. The reasoning for this is unknown.

Known Users

Original Power


  • In the original series, Piper's active power allowed her to simulate the stoppage of time by slowing down molecules.
  • According to Harry, this power is common amongst "control freaks."