Through this power, you can see through the eyes of evil. You can view evil acts, even in the past.
Priyanka Bari describing the Evil Sight to Macy in Switches & Stones.

The Evil Sight is the power to see through the eyes of evil and even remotely perceive evil events, including those that have occurred in the past.


Macy tapped into this power due to the Vortex Viribus. When Macy used this power, her eyes turned black. After touching another rune in the Vortex Viribus, Macy was able to share her vision of their mother's death with Mel and Maggie Vera.

However, as shown with Macy's use of the power, there is a drawback of her demonic side surfacing when using the power, which can lead to adverse effects, such as unsettling mood swings and attacking others, especially those that she cares for.

Known Users


  • The name might be a reference to the "Evil Eye".
  • While Macy was able to consciously access this power through the use of Elder Bari's needle easily, it is unknown if she will be able to access it without outside interference. However, she was previously shown to use the ability while asleep, as if dreaming, during Switches & Stones to see Medusa turning a student into stone, after touching a rune in the Vortex Viribus, which awakened the ability.

Similar Powers

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