The Full Disclosure is a spell to reveal hidden secrets in the Book of Shadows.


Macy Vaughn used it to figure out what secrets might be hiding within the house. Galvin witnessed the event. The spell opened several boxes and drawers, leading them to find her parents' hidden letters.

Mel and Maggie Vera used this spell the following year to open a locked box. Ray Vera and Harry Greenwood witnessed the event.

Book of Shadows Entry

Objective: to reveal objects stored in secrets or hidden from plain sight.

Secrets belong to those who hide them. If the caster utilizing this this spell for reasons of:
Deceit, greed, intrusion or Violation, personal gain, consequences apply.

Be warned: that which is revealed can never be unseen.

In a vessel, blend together: into a paste a handful of taraxucum officinale, a handful of acorus calamus, a sprinkle of blue bell flowers. Half a glass of water, spread paste into palms. Place palms onto a surface in around location of disclosure, recite incantation.


Full disclosure, drop the shield,
All the secrets be revealed.



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