I am the director behind the sirens. The maestro behind the music. I arrange all of their songs and they repay me by stealing all of my glory. But after tonight's concert, everyone will know my name.
— The Maestro to Maggie Vera

The Maestro is a demon that is responsible for the creation of the sirens. At an unspecified time, he was imprisoned in his primordial form within the Mystiki Flauto by the sirens.


In Witch Perfect, after thousands of years of entrapment, the Maestro was accidentally released when a mortal named Mr. Miranda played the Devil's Tritone on the Mystiki Flauto. The demon possessed him and returned to Hilltowne to recreate the sirens by conducting Mr. Miranda's acapella group, The Hilltones.

He chose Lucy, Maggie and Effie to join his group, but when Effie continuously questioned his choice of musical style, the Maestro kicked her off the team. This broke into an argument that made the demon decide to take her soul. Maggie later touched the Mystiki Flauto and heard Effie's scream for help, and believed that the Maestro was a siren. Maggie then tried to vanquish him with a Siren Vanquishing Spell only to learn the truth.

As the audience suffered from the lethal siren song, Maggie found a way to reverse the effects by doing a mash-up to counteract the altitude. the Charmed Ones worked together and managed to expel the demon from Mr. Miranda, and Galvin vanquished him by playing the Devil's Tritone once again.


The Maestro was shown to be quite vain, wanting to be known for his evil acts and upset by the fact that the Sirens got the glory instead of him.

Physical Appearance

The Maestro's primordial form is that of a wispy black and green energy.

Powers and Abilities


Active Powers
  • Possession: The ability to take over the body of another.
    • Supernatural Strength: The ability to exert inhumanly superior physical strength. While possessing a person, the Maestro drastically increases their physical strength threshold.
  • Flight: While in primordial form, the Maestro is able to defy gravity and propel itself in any direction.

Expulsion Spell

Tonde daimon amaroun,
hos tane psychane hairein.



  • In this Charmed series, The Maestro is the first demon to be defeated by a mortal. In the original series, such a demon was Hecate, who was defeated by mortal Elliot Spencer.



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