The Power of Three Spell is a spell that allows the Charmed Ones to invoke the Power of Three.

It has proven to be useful for the Charmed Ones in several types of situations, ranging from protecting themselves from demons and other evil beings to regaining the trust in themselves and restoring their powers. The spell can be used defensively and offensively, and for vanquishing, binding or general connection purposes.


In "Safe Space", the Charmed Ones attempted to use this spell against the hooded assassin but were only able to contain him. However, he began to fight through the effects of the spell and the sisters were forced to call Harry Greenwood, who then orbed them to the attic.

In "Third Time's the Charm", while in the midst of battle with the second monster crested by the magical experiments of Vivienne Laurent's organization, the Charmed Ones were finally able to come to terms with their duty and were fully able to restore the Power of Three with this spell, causing a nearby door to burst of its hinges. Through Maggie's power of foresight, she was able to determine when the monster was going to attack, allowing the Charmed Ones to use this spell against him and vanquish him, leaving behind only a skull.

In "The Enemy of My Frenemy", a witch and her friends were hunted by a swarm of carnal demons. The Charmed Ones came to the last living witch's aid and saved her by vanquishing the carnals, including the leader, Alfie, with the spell. While all of Alfie's troops were quickly vanquished, Alfie materialized shortly before he vanished and told them they had no idea what they had done.


Potentia trium.


The Power of Three (in Latin).


  • In the original series, The Power of Three Spell, also called the Warlock Spell, was a powerful spell used to invoke the the Power of Three to vanquish evil and protect the Charmed Ones.
    • The Halliwell sisters used this spell to vanquish their first evil being, Jeremy Burns.



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