The Priest's Staff is a magical staff which allows the wielder to open a portal to Tartarus and banish a target there. It can be activated by using the Tartarus Imprisonment Spell.


It was in the possession of a priest of the Romanian Catholic Church. The priest unleashed the staff's powers when the demon brothers, Hunter and Parker, infiltrated his cathedral to steal a mystical amulet. However, Hunter was able to get the upper hand and stole the staff, which he then used to murder the priest.

Later, Parker tried to use the staff to send his half-brother to Tartarus but in the fight Hunter and the Whitelighter, Harry Greenwood, end up stuck in the hellish dimension. The staff fell to Tartarus while its headpiece broke off and remained on Earth.

Powers and Abilities

Tartarus Imprisonment Spell

Temelechus, deschide poarta.



  • It is unknown if this staff was only able to send beings to Tartarus or release beings from the prison as well.
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