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To be fair, the Book of Elders contains the greatest secrets and spells in all of witchcraft. Old magic. Dead magic. Healing magic. Dangerous magic...
— The Sentinel

The Sentinel is known as the keeper of all wisdom and knowledge. He has lived for centuries in the astral plane.


Early Life

Little is known about the Sentinel's early life, other than he is presumably as old as the Book of Elders itself. The Sentinel revealed to Mel and Harry that once his wife and child were dying, and the Elders offered him a deal. The Elders offered to save his family, and in return, he would become the Sentinel; he never saw his family alive again.

Throughout the Series

In "Careful What You Witch For", Mel Vera try to decipher the Book of Elders, which led her and Harry Greenwood to travel to the astral plane in an attempt to ask the Sentinel how to get their powers back. The Sentinel reveals to the two that he has lived on the astral plane for centuries, watching those around him pass through, unable to interact with them. This is particularly difficult for him as he watches his wife and child. When the two asked about the Book of Elders, the Sentinel first gave them a test to see if they were worthy of reading the book, reasoning that it contains powerful, old, and dangerous magic. After the two past the test, he gave Mel a looking-glass shaped like a scarab to help her translate the book's writing.



Physical Appearance


Powers and Abilities

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