We're a rogue group of witches who don't follow the Elder's arbitrary rules or general b.s.
Jada Shields explaining the Sarcana to Mel Vera

The Sisters of Arcana (better known as the Sarcana[1]) were a group of rebel witches that did not follow the rules of the Elders and used unsanctioned magic to protect both the mortal world and the world of the supernatural.


The Sisters of Arcana were founded by an Elder who chafed against the rules of witchcraft and took matters into her own hands.


The Sisters of Arcana mounted an insurrection decades ago which resulted in many deaths and were believed to have been defeated.

The group rebuilt over the years, recruiting witches who wished to oppose the Elders while targeting criminals to protect mankind. Marisol Vera was known to be an ally of the Sarcana, a fact that made her friend and fellow Elder, Charity Callahan, concerned.

Eventually, the Sarcana retrieved a powerful witch named Fiona Callahan from Tartarus, in hopes of rebuilding their forces and take control of magic, but she turned against them when she saw them as using her for their own agenda, and killed off most of the coven, with Jada Shields being the only survivor.[2]




  • Arcana could be a reference to the practice of reading tarot cards. The tarot cards are split into two categories: major arcana and minor arcana. The cards without suits make up the major arcana, while those that are labeled as belonging to swords, wands, cups, or pentacles comprise the minor arcana. A standard deck has 78 cards: 22 in the major arcana and 56 in the minor.
  • All the members of the Sisters of Arcana had a tattoo on their different bodies parts, with Mel's on her wrist, Jada, whose tattoo was in the top of her right hand, and Aliya's on her chest.
    • The tattoo would magically disappear if someone was no longer part of the coven.
  • According to Harry, the Sisters of Arcana were adept at mind games.
  • All of the Sisters of Arcana seemed to prefer to wear black clothing.
  • According to Jada, crows did their bidding.
  • Mel and Jada are the only former members of the Sarcana to be alive.


  1. Although originally thought to be spelt "S'Arcana", it has since been confirmed through multiple press releases and promos such as the cw_charmed Instagram page that the nickname for the group is rightfully spelt "Sarcana."
  2. The Replacement
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