The third Rat Demon was a Rat Demon who killed Mary Chapman and Kara Willis with two other Rat Demons. When his two companions were vanquished by the Charmed Ones, he chased them outside before they escaped. He then proceeded to kidnap Mary and Kara's niece, Layla Chapman. He took her to the Seventh Circle Night Club, where she was to be executed, but she was saved by the Charmed Ones.


In "Safe Space", the Charmed Ones recieved a distress call from Vermont through the Command Center. They create a portal which leads them to a bed-and-breakfast, where they find the bodies of Mary Chapman and Kara Willis. A guest comes down from upstairs, leading the first Rat Demon to come out of his rat form and kill her by spitting acid at her. He is soon joined by the second demon, and the Charmed Ones hide in the kitchen. When they are found by the two demons, Mel Vera uses a can of rat poison that she had found to vanquish the first Rat Demon but she ran out before she could kill the second. When he goes to attack Mel, Macy inadvertently shoots fire at him and vanquishs him. Soon, the third Rat Demon appears and Macy fends him off with her failing new pyrokinetic abilities before narrowly managing to escape back through a portal.

In "Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead", Macy ran into the demon, who had suspiciously taken Mary Chapman's niece, Layla, and brought her to the Seventh Circle Night Club. He worked as a bouncer and tested every participant's blood to make sure they were demons before letting them in.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Limited Shapeshifting: The ability to alter one's appearance. Rat Demons can shift between their human and rat forms.
  • Acid Secretion: The ability to release acid from the user's body. Rat Demons are able to spit acid capable of completely disintegrating a being.


  • Rat Poison: Rat Demons are vulnerable to deadly rat poison.





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