• Hey Starforce,

    I was wondering if you could add more categories to Discussions (such as theories, fan work, spoilers, etc.). I was also wondering whether or not it could be possible for me to become a discussions moderator? I want more people to use it and want this Wikia to be used more by fans.

    How have you been by the way? How have you liked the recent episodes?

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    • You already asked about the categories. What is the meaning of the same question?

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    • I asked about categories in Discussions but you told me about the categories I was making with images then issued a warning before I could clarify. So I'm asking another admin for clarification so I won't bother you anymore.

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    • Okay, I wouldn't have given you a warning if you weren't causing trouble. I hope that you will not create this problem with images any more.
      As for the category of discussions, this is another issue. We have discussions, but as you can see, few people want to participate in them initially. You create them periodically and see that the response is not enough.
      As for promotion, no one prevents you from advertising our Wiki on other resources.

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    • Badwitch16
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