• Do you think the sisters will ever get they’re original powers back Macy was able to restore and enhance her peers with black anger but Mel and Maggie simply got new ones and then they were about to restore the power of three when they said that it’s tied to their original powers it feels like they’re getting rid of their powers to make it more like the original and I don’t like it I mean Mel stopping time and Maggie’s emotional energy were they’re greatest powers do you know if they’re ever getting those powers back

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    • I believe that they will at some point. Macy does have her original power back but the black amber advanced it, maybe it did the same to Mel and Maggie.

      We already saw in the latest episode that Maggie projected her anger on other people, which was an advancement of her Empathy (it couldn't be from Foresight), so maybe her Prophecy power is an advancement of Empathy since they are both Psychic powers and based on Sensing.

      Mel's powers Temporal and Molecular Manipulation do not seem to be the one an advancement of the other, unless we pressume that both powers are based on controlling speed. So maybe Mel is a Speed Witch.

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