• Don't they call the spell that Ruby uses a "storm spell"?

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    • Yes, Mel said that. But the principle of operation is the same, two seasons even used the same VFX.
      Can we rename the page to "Wind/Storm Spells"? Because it is obvious that the principle of operation of Marisol and Ruby was the same and this common classification of this kind of spells.

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    • Marisol's wind spell sent out a singular gust of wind which just pushed Charity backwards, while Ruby's sent out powerful whirlwinds with storm-like intensity. Which was why it was likely considered more of a storm spell¬†rather than a simple wind spell.¬†

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    • In any case, a "storm" strongly implying a wind force. So this is one classification anyway.
      At least, Ruby didn't cause anything but a strong gust of wind.
      So it was a wind storm (storm marked by high wind and no precipitation).

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