To Expel the Maestro is a spell that is used to force The Maestro from the host that the demon has possessed.


In "Witch Perfect", after the Maestro possessed Mr. Miranda and used The Hilltones as sirens, the Charmed Ones used this spell to expel the demon from Mr. Miranda.


Tonde daimon amauroun,
hos tane psychane hairein.
(Τόνδε δαίμονα ἀμαυρόν
... ταῖν ψυχαῖν χάριν)


This black demon

(we will press into - possibly) for the sake of the (two) souls.


  • The spell is in ancient greek.
    • The most possible translation for ''hos'' is probably ''press into'', since the demon is put back into the pipe ''for the sake/salvation of the (two) souls''.
    • The word ''daimon - δαίμων'' was written wrong, as it should be written as ''daimona - δαίμονα''.
    • If the word ''hos'' is actually intended to be translated as ''press into'', then it should have been ''hosomen - χώσομεν'' or '''hosoimen - χώσοιμεν''
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