The Touch of Death is the power to kill living beings instantly by transferring a powerful demonic virus through physical contact.


The user of this ability can kill any living being that they make physical contact with. The touch will lead to the target becoming heavily burned. The ability, or at least the Harbinger's version, can evolve to become an airborne virus. Whilst airborne, the targets will begin to bleed from the eyes, nose, mouth and ears and be driven to a state of insanity. Spell Blockers seem to protect the wearers from the airborne virus.


In "Exorcise Your Demons", the Harbinger of Hell used this ability to kill a mouse. After studying the effects of the power on the mouse, Macy learned that the touch spread a virus that was similar in DNA structure to small pox and the virus could evolve to become airborne. Charity Callahan was able to contain this power with a spell, and later the Charmed Ones used contamination-proof gloves to perform an exorcism to expel the demon from its host.

In "Red Rain", it is found that Hunter Caine had inhaled the Harbinger. When he was vanquished at the Kappa Cinco de Mayo party at The Haunt in "Ambush", this allowed for the Harbinger's virus to become airborne, infecting many individuals at the party. While at the hospital, the Charmed Ones and Harry Greenwood find that those infected have began bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth and ears and have been driven to a state of hostility. Galvin Burdette was able to save the many innocents by performing the ritual to remove the ibi, sacrificing his own life in the process.

In "The Truth about Kat and Dogs", Abigael Jameson-Caine revealed that, when she was thirteen years old, she reached out to her father, Alistair Caine, and he sent assassins with the ability to kill anyone that they touch after her.

Known Users

Original Power


  • In the original series, this power was always used solely through the touch of a hand.
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