I'm sorry, but she's hiding something. They all are. I can feel it.
— Trip sharing his suspicions about the Charmed Ones with Niko

Trip Bailey worked as a detective in the Hilltowne Police Department and was the partner of Niko Hamada.[1] He died in an accident that was caused by a ritual performed by the Charmed Ones to exorcize the Harbinger of Hell from Angela Wu's body.


Trip Bailey became a detective at Hilltowne Police Department at an unknown time and became the partner of Niko Hamada. While no one believed Marisol Vera's accidental death, Trip secretly collected clues about Marisol's death and two more murders that happened in two other cities.

When a case of three murders occurred on Halloween, the Hilltowne Police Department started investigating, and Trip learned that Angela had gone missing since that day. When he and Niko went to question the witnesses, namely the Vera sisters, their nervous behavior made Trip suspect they were hiding something and started tailing them. He eventually found them at the warehouse while they were in the middle of an exorcism ritual and tried to arrest them, but Charity Callahan took away his gun. He was killed by head trauma when a pipe broke and flew to his head. Charity hung Trip's body at the warehouse and left evidence of the Halloween murders to put the blame on Trip so that their involvement would be avoided.


Physical Appearance


  • Detective Training: Bailey was a police detective and received training in order to efficiently do his job.
  • Tracking/Tailing: Bailey was able to tail Mel Vera for a while without being spotted. He was also able to track her and her sisters even though Mel used her powers to lose him.




  • Even though they created an alternate timeline with the help of "Invoking the Moirai", he is still dead.
  • Bailey likely served a similar role that Darryl Morris did in the original series alongside Niko Hamada.
  • Similarly to Andy Trudeau, Trip suffered a premature death.


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