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Yeah, I'm not sure that my slutty baby costume is appropriate for a sober Halloween mixer.
— Trishelle

Trishelle is a member of Kappa Tau Kappa and a friend of Lucy's.


Trishelle is a member of the Kappa Tau Kappa sorority at Hilltowne University and became friends with Lucy and Heidi. She is seen spending much of her time with her friends at bars, parties or sorority events.

In "Touched by a Demon", the fictional angel Gideon from Heaven's Vice tried to flirt with her at The Haunt.

Later, in "Ambush", she was at a party and danced with Lucy and Hunter Caine until the Charmed Ones came and Mel froze time.


Trishelle, like the other Kappa girls, is very superficial.

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