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The Tulipe Institute, formerly known as the Tulipe Women's Asylum, is a hospital in New York, where Helen McGantry has been confined along with her Darklighter. The employees are led to believe that the Darklighter is Helen's sister, and are under strict instructions by the Elders — who paid the bills to keep them institutionalised — not to separate the two.


In "Deconstructing Harry", Harry Greenwood went to the asylum to talk to Helen in hopes of finding out why the Elders had kept a hospital record of her. At first thinking she was a witch, Harry was attacked by Helen at the mention of the Elders. Though, he was able to reassure her and she healed him, revealing that she was really a Whitelighter. Harry soon found out that she was the first Whitelighter ever to be created, and in doing so created an evil version of herself in the process.

In "Past is Present",


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