This unnamed Catholic priest was a member of the Catholic church in Bucharest, Romania, before being murdered by Hunter Caine.


Early Life

At some point in his life, the priest was ordained and given the priest staff, which presumably also granted him the power of Spell Casting. He also seemed to have been tasked with protecting the Amulet of Archangels.


When Hunter and Parker infiltrated his сhurch to steal the amulet, the priest used the staff to generate a energy wave to blast the two demons and then tried to send them to Tartarus by opening a portal.

However, Hunter was able to slam him to the ground and, after deceiving his own brother, murders the priest and takes the staff for himself.

Physical Appearance

The priest was a middle-aged man with a thick, brown beard. He wore black clothing, including a hat, a long cape stretching to the ground and two large crosses, one gold and another silver.

Powers and Abilities



  • It's unknown how he gained his powers or if he's a witch. If it's ever officially announced that he was a witch, then this priest will officially be the first male witch on the series. Though, it is possible that anyone that possesses his staff might be able to do the Tartarus Imprisonment Spell.
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