I am a huge fan of both the reboot and the OG. I'm hoping that the reboot will be just as successful or even more successful than the OG was at its time.


  • Niko might go down a dark route where she can become affiliated with more witch hunters or even lead witch hunters.
  • Macy might become a necromancer in future seasons. Necromancy uses both forces of light and dark (if Knansie is to be believed) to resurrect a person and she has both demon blood and strong good magic. Maybe one of her sisters die and she has to bring them back.
  • Maggie might learn to transfer her spirit into others' bodies without switching, allowing her to possess them temporarily and control their actions. Another power development could be her being able to mess with the powers of other beings. If powers are connected to emotions, as an empath, she might be able to play with one's emotions to amplify, negate, or disrupt others' powers.
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