Venom Secretion is the power to generate venom or poison that can have several effects, ranging from sedation to instant death.


This seems to be an ability inherit to all Cicada Demons, allowing them to incapacitate their victims. The demons use this ability by projecting what appears to be three insect-esque legs from their mouths, using two of these legs to hook onto their victims while the middle leg is used to administer the venom by being pushed down the victim's throat.[1]

The second experiment created by Vivienne Laurent's organization had long claws that grew in place of his fingernails. The claws produced a venom that would cause near instant death when the monster scratched his victims.[2]


In "Bug a Boo", a colony of Cicada Demons feigned opening an app company and had human recruits to help them find people to sign for the app. The applicants went on dates with the demons, after which they were kidnapped, paralyzing the victims with their power in a deserted place. The venom is administered orally to the victims.

In "Third Time's the Charm", Maggie Vera was sent into a sleep where she would encounter her worst fear: being treated like a child. Mel Vera found her, and seeing Maggie as a little girl, the two began to argue. The magic infused monster then came and, with Mel distracted, scratched her with his claws, secreting a venom that killed her almost instantly.


Through spells, artifacts, power stealing, etc
  • Second magic infused monster (via magical experiments)


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