Vera Manor is the home of the Vera Family in Michigan, United States. It serves as the household setting for Charmed.



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The Attic

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The attic of the Vera Manor is located on the presumably third floor. It is a large space. Aside from being a typical basic attic used for storage, the attic was the place to perform a lot of their magic and various important events have taken place there, such as when Marisol Vera performed a spell that unbinds her daughters' powers. It is also where they keep their Book of Shadows.

The attic is where Mel, Maggie, and Macy first discovered they were The Charmed Ones by Harry, their Whitelighter.

As such, the sisters might spent a lot of time in the attic when they need to use magic, research demons or other evil beings, just like in the original series.


  • It is unknown if any of the insides of the manor for the series will be based on anything seen from Charmed or Witches of East End. The latter also has been filmed in Vancouver, could mean reusing old sets and props.

The Halliwell Manor from Charmed is pictured on the left and the Beauchamp house from "Witches of East End" is on the right

  • The manor in he Charmed reboot is actually the house that was shot for Witches of East End which was also shot in Vancouver where Charmed is, it is unknown if the reboot will follow what the original series of Charmed did, where they shot in the real house and not in the studio. However, the pilot of the original series was also first shot in the real house and then moved to the pavilion.