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Magic... is threatening our very existence. And it's up to us to stop it. Only we can save the world.
— Vivienne Laurent[src]

Vivienne Laurent was the aunt of Julian Shea, a powerful influencer of the Shea Group and a leading member of the Faction . She was also the latest Conqueror, a human being with thirst for claiming magic and destroying the world. She orchestrated the capture and murder of various magical creatures in order to steal their magic before finally being vanquished when she attempted to siphon the Power of Three.


Early Life

Vivienne took custody of her nephew Julian when his parents were killed in a car accident. She was a very caring guardian, but as Julian got older she began to interfere with all sorts of his romantic relationships for unknown reasons, and at some point he noticed this.[1]

Recently after the Elders' death Vivienne discovered the existence of magic by finding Jimmy and use him to help her avenge her family's death.[2]

Throughout the Series

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", Vivienne makes her first appearance. She first shows up at the family lodge in Aspen, where she meets Macy. Despite Julian's affection, Vivienne is distrustful of her. When Macy later asks to borrow the Shea Group's newly developed device that could determine bacteria sources to save Harry's life, Vivienne questions her motives, thinking her to be a secret agent who wanted to mimic the technology. In spite of Macy's explanation, Vivienne demands her to stop seeing Julian in exchange for the device, to which she complied. Julian realized this to be his aunt's doing and reconciles with Macy.

In "Sudden Death", Vivienne appears at the end of the episode. She shows the other meetings attendants the talisman that Ray Vera stole from Marisol Vera's funeral. Vivienne exclaims it is time to destroy magic.

In "Search Party", Macy, Maggie and Jordan attend the Shea party to break into the Shea Group's secret basement where Harry is held captive. Jordan steals Vivienne's glass of wine in order to attain the saliva needed to mimic her voice and gain access to the elevator. Meanwhile, Vivienne meets Ivan, acolyte of her sponsors, who demands a demonstration to the product she had promised. She then shows him the basement facility, only for Macy, Maggie and Jordan to escape the party before it could be completed. However, Vivienne notices a speck of magic above the machine, which she decides to put to use.

In "Unsafe Space", Vivienne and Julian order the group to break into the Command Center underneath SafeSpace, Seattle in order to get to the black amber tree. Julian is having doubts because of Macy, but Vivienne reminds him of their cause by taking him to Rosemary. There, she feeds her with black amber, which temporarily revives her. In the end, Julian agrees to bring Macy and have her open the Command Center to the tree.

In "An Inconvenient Truth", Vivienne was seen with Nadia when someone arrives with a briefcase. Vivienne opened it and looked on with victory. Nadia commented that magic will belong to humans, with Vivienne correcting that it will belong to "us".

In "Someone's Going to Die", Vivienne revealed the object in the suitcase to one of her potential buyers: a Prism Glove, which held all the powers of magical creatures absorbed. She then demonstrated by petrifying Ivan to scare him into obligance. Once she figured out Nadia was Julian in disguise, she petrifies half of his body and left him for dead, chancing that Macy would come to his rescue. When she did, Vivienne read Macy's mind to gain access into the Command Center.

Vivienne blasted open the secret door with powerful energy that knocked out everyone present, then invaded the vault guarding the black amber tree. When she touches the substance, it turned green (as a human's touch would poison it and the magical world). In the process, it made her monstrous while giving her more power. She then confronted the Charmed Ones, wanting the Power of Three. When the three sisters attacked the glove with their powers, it siphoned them. However, the sisters later realized that the Power of Three was too much for one being to handle, so they continued to blast Vivienne. Eventually, the glove overloaded and self-destructed along with Vivienne. Her death was reported as a lab accident that killed both her and Julian.


Vivienne is shown to be a loving person while in her nephew's presence. However, she could be as cruel and ruthless as she could be manipulative, making her wanting of Macy Vaughn to break up with Julian seem to be that of familial concern; she was also willing to induce her brain dead niece with zolpidem to trick Julian into helping her with her cause and killing her nephew when he worked against her. Vivienne was also a very suspicious person who did not believe in Macy's integrity, believing that she was going out with Julian only for the sake of his riches and corporate espionage.

Also, as the Conqueror, Vivienne had an intense hatred of magical creatures, vowing that she and her organization are the only ones who would be able to destroy it. She sought to claim magic for herself, then use it to destroy the magical world even if it meant killing ordinary humans or reanimating dead corpses.

Physical Appearance

Vivienne Laurent was a white woman in her forties or fifties with long auburn hair and dark blue eyes.

Powers and Abilities

In "Someone's Going to Die", Vivienne put on The Prism, a special device that looked like an iron glove with a crystal. She used it to wield the powers contained within, and to siphon magic directly into the device. She also supercharged herself using black amber.

Active Powers
  • Siphoning: The ability to absorb magical powers. Vivienne utilized this ability through a prism glove.
    • Petrification: The ability to turn matter to stone.
    • Smoking: The ability to teleport in smoke.
    • Mind Melding: The ability to read minds and trap people in them.
    • Energy Blast Generation: The ability to generate offensive energy.
    • Power of Three: Vivienne siphoned this power, but it was too much for one person, which eventually resulted in her vanquish.





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