A Vortex Viribus is a location that serves as a source of immense power which can be used to amplify an aspect of a witch or magical being. These vortexes have been known to appear in certain locations. The Vortex Viribus that was located under Vera Manor was meant for Fiona Callahan, most likely due to her role as the Keeper of The Sacred Flame, and has presumably now disappeared after her death.


In "Touched by a Demon", one of these vortexes appeared underneath Vera Manor and was discovered by Maggie Vera and Parker Caine who accidentally phase-shifted in while having sex. Somehow, Fiona Callahan felt that they had found this place and a rune had lit up on her forehead.

While showing Harry Greenwood and Charity Callahan the vortex in "Switches & Stones", Maggie and Macy Vaughn both touched a rune, causing Macy’s inner demon to manifest a new power, while Maggie’s Empathy temporarily advanced to the point where she and Mel Vera accidentally switched bodies.

In "Memento Mori", when the Charmed Ones battled Charity Callahan after discovering that she was the one that killed their mother, they were able to strip her of her powers using the Vortex Viribus's powers.

Fiona would later use the Vortex Viribus as a means of restoring Harry’s powers in "Surrender", after they had been stripped by the Elders, as well as to amplify her own, in order to locate the Origin Dagger from the depths of Harry's mind. It is revealed in "Source Material" during her massacre of the Sarcana that by tapping into the vortex's power, Fiona has acquired the ability to mirror the powers of others.

Harry and Charity came to the Vortex Viribus in "Red Rain" in order to use its power to finish accelerating a plant’s growth cycle to complete an Akkadian Smokescreen for Charity. However, Fiona sensed that they were there, and portaled in to kill her sister so that the prophecy of The Apocalypse could be completed.


  • Power Augmentation: A Vortex Viribus is capable of increasing the power of a magical being.
    • Power Stripping: The Vortex Viribus under the Vera Manor is shown when controlled by the Charmed Ones that it can strip a being of their supernatural powers.
    • Power Granting: The Vortex under the manor is shown when controlled by Fiona that it can grant/restore some magical abilities to its user.



  • The Vortex Viribus is similar to the Nexus in the original show: a location of concentrated power that amplifies anyone's magical abilities.
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