Whitelighters are immortal, magical advisers who protect and guide witches.


Whitelighters are magical creatures that are attributed by the Elders, a group of senior powerful witches, to new witches in need of protection and guidance. The Whitelighters only stay with them as long as they are needed. They possess multiple powers in order to do their jobs, such as healing and memory erasure.

The process of becoming an Whitelighter is not difficult. If during life, a human is worthy of the attention of the Elders, these witches will reward them in death by granting them powers and eternal life, in exchange for their servitude and undying loyalty. For this reason, Whitelighters are technically dead.



Powers and Abilities

All powers listed are as displayed by Harry Greenwood. It is assumed, but has yet to be confirmed, that these abilities are common to all Whitelighters.

Active Powers
  • Telekinesis: The power to move objects with the mind. 
  • Teleportation: The power to move between locations instantly without having to physically travel the space between them.
  • Healing: The power to restore an individual to full health and prestine condition.
  • Memory Erasure: The power to erase the memories of others.
  • Conjuration: The power to materialize imaginated objects at will.
Passive Powers
  • Immortality: The ability to live a potentially eternal life.
  • Remote Hearing: The power to hear one's name being spoken, regardless of distance.


  • Emotional imbalance: Like witches, their powers are tied to their emotions. If the whitelighter has internal problems, then this can block his powers (or powers are beginning work wrong). For example, Harry couldn't use his powers properly for a long time, because he was tormented by the consequences of torture in Tartarus.
  • Pixie Dust: Whitelighter can be zombified by any pixie.

Known Whitelighters


  • There are many differences between Whitelighters from the original series and the reboot:
    • In the original series, Whitelighters traveled in 'orbs', or blue lights. The new type of Whitelighters transport in a similar fashion as the wizards of Harry Potter do via Disapparition.
    • Whitelighters in the reboot series can reveal themselves to their charges. In the original, the Charmed Ones' Whitelighter, Leo Wyatt, hid his abilities and his purpose from the girls until Phoebe accidentally walked in on him hovering to replace a lightbulb.
    • Unlike in the original series, Whitelighters do not keep any memory from their lifetime as humans, so they would have no distraction from doing their jobs properly.
    • In the original series, Whitelighters could only heal human beings (humans and witches alike) and other Whitelighters. However, in this series, they can also heal other beings, as Harry was able to heal a Satyr.
  • Since Whitelighters are immortal beings devoted to serving the Elders—the council of senior witches who employed them—there is little likelihood that they are angels in this rebooted version.

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