Wish Fullfilment for Those of Non magical Origins is a ritual to fulfill the greatest desire of any non-magical being. It was located in the Book of Shadows.


This spell can only be cast once by a mortal, and it requires the sacrifice of a magical being.


In "Manic Pixie Nightmare", whilst under the influence of the pixie, Chloe, who was currently subservient to the mortal, Zack, who had taken her external heart, Harry Greenwood orbed off with the Book of Shadows and found this spell for Zack. Zack didn't worry that the ritual required a sacrifice and showed no sign of care who to sacrifice, pixie or Whitelighter. He decided to sacrifice Harry, because he had more blood in his body. However, Zack was stopped in time by the Charmed Ones and Parker before the ritual was begun.

Book of Shadows Entry

Objective: to fulfill the "ultimate" desire of a non-magical being.
Notes: Can only be performed once. Requires the dark sacrifice of lifeblood from a magical beings.

  • a quill pen
  • flash paper
  • oven safe bowl
  • matches with match box
  • 5 cups of drained blood from a magical being
  • drinking glass

1. Drain blood of the magical being in full should equal for 5 liters. Put into silver cups at different levels – as represent the 5 paths of possibility.
2. Dip your quill pen into blood and write the wish/desire into a piece of flash paper.
3. Fold the flash paper seven times.
4. Strike your match and place in the bowl with the paper.
5. Any remaining remnants from bowl strip into remaining blood. Pour blood mixture into drinking glass and drink in full.

  • Your wish will non fulfilled before the non-magical[1] being's death.


  • This is the first ritual in the book, whose instructions can be executed by mortal. It is currently unknown why this ritual was even written in the book, if it must be completed by a mortal.
  • As this ritual requires killing, it is currently unknown why it was included in a book belonging to a line of good witches. This could be viewed as an error in the writing.



  1. It seems that this is a misprint in the book. There should be written about death of magical being who was sacrificed.
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