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Witch Hunters are mortal vigilantes who hunt down and personally execute witches, either for personal vendetta or because they simply think witches are evil. While quite common during the 17th-19th centuries, witch hunters are very rare in modern times.


Sometime before December 1, 1889, a witch named Florence and her coven was discovered by the Witchfinder General, Lawrence Mortimer Chase, and his men. Before they were burned at the stake, Lawrence and his men brutalized the women and Chase stole Florence's ring. Florence cursed Lawrence and his entire male lineage before her death, causing them to die before their 26th birthday. He died soon afterward. It is known that his son, Rudolph Chase, followed in his footsteps before he too died from the curse.[1] It's presumed that the Chase family left witch hunting after Rudolph, as Jordan Chase was surprised to learn about the supernatural world.[2]

In Breaking the Cycle, an young witch named Cassie was tracked down by unknown hunters who attempted to kidnap her. Frightened, she unwittingly released her power, which froze all mortals on Foster Island Maine. Cassie hid everywhere, fearing for her safety, but she decided to trust Harry Greenwood when he healed her forehead wound. Later, she witnessed how Abigael Jameson-Caine killed the people who were hunting her, which made Cassie terrified and afraid of her.

Other witch hunter groups still exist, but their own personal histories are unknown.

Known Witch Hunters



  • Witch hunters share some similarities with the Darklighters from the original series, particularly using crossbows with arrows to hunt down members of a particular magical species (Whitelighters for Darklighters and witches for witch hunters).
  • In the episode "All Halliwell's Eve" of the original series, a troupe of witch hunters patrolled the colonial Virginia village where Melinda Warren was born. Unknown to the rest of the village, their commander, Ruth, was an evil witch herself. She was actually using the witch hunters to pick off the village's good witches. Among them was a hunter named Micah, who was aware of Ruth's evil and helped the Charmed Ones when they went to the past. In the episode "Witch Way Now?", the sisters came across a witch hunter called Agent Jackman, who blackmailed them into tracking down and handing over another witch in order to kill her, under the pretense that she was the witch hunter.



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