It's a symbol of balance and harmony between two opposing sides.
Marisol's magical projection about Macy's yin yang pendant in Ambush.

The yin yang pendant was a magical necklace that was enchanted by Marisol Vera and given to her eldest daughter, Macy Vaughn, as a present on her tenth birthday by her father, Dexter Vaughn. It was used to bring Macy back from a demonic-related trance, before it became a container for the power of The Source of All Evil and was broken into three separate pieces.


At an unspecified time, Marisol Vera created a hidden room inside the Vera Manor. Due to her power of prophecy, Marisol knew that her daughters would become the Charmed Ones. She gave each of her two youngest daughters a gift that would help them for battle. Knowing Macy would be telekinetic, Marisol informed her that she had no weapon for her, because the Earth was her weapon. Though, she did tell Macy that the pendant that her father gave her for her tenth birthday would help her find better control over her demonic nature. It is said that the necklace would bring her back to her sisters, even in her darkest times. All Macy would need to do is touch the necklace, and exhale.

The necklace was later used as a containment vessel to hold the power of the Source, splitting it into three pieces, which the Charmed Ones hid in different corners of the world and had their memories erased of the locations in order to prevent it from being reassembled.

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  • Originally, the pendant was Madeleine Mantock's and she asked the show runners to get Macy one once she learned about her duality.[1]


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