Zoopathy is the power to summon and control various animal life-forms.


The users of this power are shown to be restricted to only one species of animal.

Members of the Sisters of Arcana commanded crows for assistance after gaining a tattoo as initiation. The tattoo would glow a bright purple when this ability took effect.[1]

The Tartarus Dragon uses this ability to command non-lethal scorpions to crawl into the Tartarus prison cells and torture the prisoners by stinging them with a toxin that recalls their most traumatic memories.[2]


In "Jingle Hell", when Mel Vera found her own freezing power thwarted by Hunter Caine, she unwittingly called on crows to attack Hunter, forcing him to retreat. Jada Shields commented on Mel's unintentional use, even noting that the crows attempted to protect Marisol Vera the night that she was murdered in Pilot.

The Tartarus Dragon used his scorpions and taunted Harry Greenwood with his memories from his human life in "Keep Calm and Harry On". Harry rebuffed his advances, saying those memories weren't real, since he lacked his own. The dragon later proved the memories were real by making him remember receiving a knife cut in the abdomen, corresponding to a scar he had.
When Maggie Vera later entered Tartarus, the dragon used his scorpions to make her remember her mother's death and Parker Caine's betrayal. Seeing how badly she reacted to the pain, the dragon began to send more of his scorpions. Harry then taunted the dragon to make him torture him instead of Maggie, which he obliged. His torments came to an end when the demon Dante released Harry and Maggie from Tartarus.

Known Users

Through spells, artifacts, power stealing, etc.



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